Art Fiber Fest

I'm going are you? It's in June in Portland, OR. I'm very excited and can't believe I will be going to the West Coast. check it out:

March did come in like a LION. It snowed here. I don't know the official amount that we rec'd, but it was really beautiful. I took a couple of pics, I will try to get them on. It's suppose to be in the 70's this weekend. Go figure the weather if you can.

I hope to get some fiber washing done.

I know I keep promising pics. I will try and do better.

John C Campbell

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I will be teaching a week long class at John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown NC. The website is:

I love it there. This will be my first time teaching there. I have taken classes there before and it is just.....well, it's like another world. It's slow paced, calm, and the people you meet there are great too. It is a very creative place and inspiring.

I hope you will check out their classes and maybe even join me for a week.

Maybe I will try and get pictures up of what I will be teaching.

Thursday Talk

My goodness how time is flying. OOps, Sunday is March 1st already.

Well, I sent my registration form off to attend Art Fiber Fest in Portland, OR. I am nervous and excited. I have never been to the West Coast and I am not wild about flying there I can tell you. I just don't enjoy flying that much. So we shall see. I hope I get my first choices for classes. Did I mention I will have to take my sewing machine too. I'm pretty sure this will be it's first time to Portland also.

I think to make things happen, you have to do it!

I hope to get back to taking some pictures and posting them one day.

Coming Back Around

For all of you that know me, you know, and for those that don't, well. I lost my dear sweet little husband to cancer on Dec 29th. I am trying to find my way thru all of this. He had been battling it for a year. I knew it was coming, but it all seems like a bad dream. Mostly I am just trying not to think about it so that I can function. So look for me to be posting more, hopefully in the near future.


Finally catching my breathe after SAFF.

The trees here are so beautiful. I took some pictures but the color was not that good.

Can you believe it's already November.

More next time. Going to take time tonight to read my CPS magazine. Yippee.

Afternoon Surprises

I just happen to take my camera with me to work today. My computer at home is being a pain and I wanted to see what was on my camera. Well this afternoon as I went out for my afternoon smoke at work I got a nice surprise from mother nature.

Can you see him/her there with it's arms streched out and up? It's a Praying Mantis. How wonderful to see you I said and rushed back inside to get my camera to share it with you.

In this shot it was leaning towards the wall.

Isn't it somethin'. I was at the right place at the right time.

I haven't been posting lately due to my computer at home.

I am loving the cooler weather!

Have you seen the art work over at All Norah's Art....I think I have a link over on the side. Check her out!!

I hope you all have a happy weekend.


Sorry no pictures of the sunrise this morning. I didn't have my camera. I was a few minutes later than usual leaving for work this morning, BUT, when I turned on to the main road and looked in my mirror ......the sun was BIG and ORANGE. It looked like it was sitting on top of the road behind me. It was spectaculiar. So I am glad I stayed in bed those few extra minutes.

Computer at home trying to be a pain....well, it's not trying, it is. So no pictures.

Working like a crazy woman to try and get ready for a big Fiber Show. Since I have so much of it I thought it would be nice if I dyed and spun some of it up to try and sell....tehe. Now all I have to do is not buy anymore if I do sell some.

Weather suppose to cool down here this week. Fall is here, I think. No leaves turning yet tho.

Have a fun week!

Sunday Morning Flowers

These were so pretty yesterday morning that I just had to share them. The pictures really don't do them justice.

I wanted to post them yesterday, but my computer didn;t want to have any part of that sooooo.

All too soon these beautiful flowers will be asleep as fall and then winter make their way here.

Be Happy today. Don't wait, start now.


I meant to have posted these pics sooner, but, dial up is soooo slow some days. Below are some books and keys that I got at a tractor/farm day thingy over Labor Day weekend. The smaller book has great pages at the beginning of the book, the design/artwork I mean. That's why I bought it and the typewriter book just spoke to me. I think I have 2 other typewriter books, but they are not this old. The keys, well, they were cheap. I love the star one.

Also, I'm throwing in a couple of not so great pics of the roses we have blooming right now. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by.

What's Cookin'

This is some fawn colored alpaca that I overdyed. The overdyed fiber really looks good in person.....I WILL try this again.

This is a grayish batt that I overdyed.

This yarn is from a thrift store sweater that I unraveled and then dyed it a pink/purple color probably 2 years ago.

This is the same yarn overdyed. I really like how it turned out.

This is some Cotswold that was a kinda Salmon color,it was boring now it's alive with color.

This is some alpaca, cocoons and various feathers.

More Cotswold.

And that is what was cooking here on Saturday morning. What color should I go for next??

I also hae been spinning and knitting and will try and get pics of that stuff soon.